DVR TV Coming To The Xbox One?

Finally a Xbox update I can truly appreciate. Whenever I boot up my Xbox One, two thoughts quickly race to my mind. 1. What game should I play and 2, is there an update waiting for me? While the first question does require a little bit of thought before finally settling on Madden 25, the second question usually causes me great worry and suffrage. Despite my... read more

HBO’s New Anti Piracy Measure Doesn’t Make Much Sense

Trying but not succeeding. That is the best way to describe HBO's current efforts to cut down on piracy, as the company has announced that they are no longer giving reviewers DVD copies of their TV shows and movies. The companies new anti piracy policy seems miniscule, but is said by many to be a shift in how people will be trusted with HBO's upcoming content. The... read more

Spotify and Starbucks Announce New In Store Partnership

The job of a barista at Starbucks just got a little more intense. Not only are barista's tasked with making coffee, maintaining a positive attitude and keeping things running smoothly at their stores, but now they must also pick the music as well. Well they don't have to, but a new deal between Starbucks and the music site, Spotify, will allow  Starbucks employees and... read more

Nintendo Entertainment System To Receive Own Museum Exhibit

What do you do when one of the most iconic and innovative video game systems of all time turns 30 years old? Give it their own exhibit in a museum of course! The Strong, a video game museum has teamed up with Ritsumeikan University to create a special exhibit for The Nintendo Entertainment console's 30th birthday. “Japan is home to a rich history of video game... read more

The Oculus Rift Will Come At A Hefty Price. Is It Worth IT?

While people around the world may be excited about the upcoming release of The Oculus Rift, they might lose a little bit of that excitement once they hear how much the device is rumored to cost. Nate Mitchell, Vice President of Oculus VR, stated in an interview during a TechCrunch disrupt event  that the Oculus Rift will be considered high end and will cost  more... read more

Nintendo To Release Five Mobile Games Starting In 2016

A new console, a theme park and now mobile games. Is there anything Nintendo can't do? Nintendo is continuing to drop jaws, as Satoru Iwata announced that the iconic gaming company will be releasing five mobile game titles in 2016. This comes just days after Nintendo's earnings report revealed that the company had turned their first profit since 2011. Although five... read more

Kung Fu Panda Game Coming This Fall To PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Consoles

Forget games like Street Fighter, Tekken and Mortal Kombat, because Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends is coming out later this year! The game will be released by Vicious Cycle and Little Orbit, and will allow players to help Po The Panda, become a true Kung Fu Warrior. Matt Scott, CEO of Little Orbit, had this to say about the release of The Kung Fu Panda:... read more

How Facebook Can Organize Status Updates To Be More Efficient And Save Time

While staying up too date on what my friends are doing is a lot of fun and also helpful, I still always find myself getting frustrated when I have to scroll down an endless list of status updates. This is why I believe that Facebook should find a way to organize statuses by keywords to save its users some time and stress. To me, everyone should have the option of... read more

Carmageddon Reincarnation Car Fighting Game Gets Green Light To Be Released On Steam

Carmageddon Reincarnation gets the green light on steam! We all had those kind of days growing up. You know the ones where winning a normal race simply wasn't enough to quench your thirst for destruction. You needed something bigger! You needed something better! You needed that certain something that would go so far as to reward you for your destruction. You needed... read more

Nintendo Announces Deal With Universal Studios to Build Nintendo Theme Park Attractions

Look out Disney Land, because Nintendo may be gunning for your status as the happiest place on earth! Nintendo announced a partnership this week with Universal Parks and Resorts, which will allow the two companies to team up and create Nintendo themed attractions inside Universal parks. Despite specific details about the park remaining scare , I think all Nintendo fans... read more