About TechReader & Our History

TechReader started as a concept and an experiment, and has evolved into one of the biggest tech blogs on the internet – ok, we’re getting there. We started this site as a simple blog years ago, and it has undergone several concepts, domains, and redesigns to become what it is today.

From the original website which discussed things ranging from technology, psychology, philosophy, and politics, it covered so many unrelated categories that we knew we had to narrow the scope. Eventually we settled on technology, as this has always been a passion of the writers on our team. After many attempts to try and find a domain that was along the same lines of technology as what we wanted, we finally settled on the domain thetechreader.com in 2014.

After taking this domain and growing out the site over the 7 years prior to 2021, we began to crave an authoritative domain that would have a wide appeal like the top tech blogs on the internet, such as Engadget, The Verge, and TechCrunch. We really wanted techreader.com from day one, but of course, it was taken. Ultimately, the “The” in the front of our former domain just wasn’t cutting it – and the domain techreader.com we wanted was available! But from a cybersquatter who wanted an exorbitant amount for it (some domains can go for millions), and we just weren’t willing to pay that much.

So we began trying to come up with creative names, but every awesome one we came up with that was similar, was taken – mostly by cybersquatters or left completely unused. We went through literally hundreds of domains and iterations, all to no avail. We tried some unusual names too, like “Tekist”, but ultimately determined that from a branding perspective, the difficult spelling would be a detriment more than a benefit. So although we purchased a few of these unusual names, we let most expire. There are a couple we kept, but we’ll use those as part of a network of niche tech sites.

Then we found another tech style domain kind of like techreader and equally short, that is great, but were still hesitant to use it as a replacement and migrate it over. We had become attached to the “TechReader” name. What we really wanted was just to get rid of “The” in front of our name; but by this point, the cybersquatter was not even responding to our requests.

Years passed and still we were unable to acquire the domain; it simply had “This Domain Is For Sale!” on it while we sat wishing we could have it. We would check in occasionally to see if it expired, and then watched sadly as it reached expiration and was renewed again by cybersquatters, the plague of the internet.

Then one day it happened. We were searching through our registrar checking on the names of some of the domains we were waiting for or hoping for, and then decided to check “techreader.com”, not expecting much, but with a distant hope after many years.

There it was! Not cheap, but nowhere close to the original cybersquatter price, so we decided to go for it. Our registrar handled all the negotiations and transfer, and after a stressful time of fingers crossed and hoping – heck, we didn’t even publish any articles for awhile for fear the cybersquatter would reject the deal and ask for more – the deal concluded, and techreader.com is ours!

After another week of work in the domain migration, we finally changed TheTechReader to TechReader. At last, it is complete. TechReader is our final name, and any other related domains we own will be part of our tech websites network. What an adventure, spanning nearly 2 decades!

Our aim is to bring you the latest and most interesting topics about technology, internet privacy & security, science, travel, tech trends, startup news, and reviews. We intend to complement and collaborate with other tech blogs using our unique and original voice and perspective. We hope you enjoy this website!