Power User and Superuser Code & Tips

Here we will be compiling a list of items which will be highly useful for people who are power users or superusers.

Power Users or Powerusers are people who command full control of their computer; e.g. a poweruser uses command prompt, advanced windows variables like shell extensions, etc; hacking software to get it to work how they want it; etc.

Superusers are like power users but it refers to more than just power over your own environment but also a wider scope. For example, a superuser make be good at developing programs and applications, hacking web software to get it to work how they want it, programming web servers, etc.

If you are a poweruser or superuser and want to submit your own tip to the list so that you can help many people, if your submission is approved we will allow you to add a link to your developer site or other non-advertising site as a credit for the tip. Just send us a message via our contact form with your tip and if we agree we will add your tip. Include your credit link and/or name if you would like to receive credit, or your can remain anonymous.

1 Use 7zip in Windows from the command line


Open a command prompt window by pressing the Windows key or clicking the start menu, type cmd, and open cmd with administrative privileges (right-click).

Type into cmd:
setx PATH "%PATH%;C:\Program Files\7-Zip\"

Close command prompt and open it again.

You can type 7z to see a list of commands.

Example command to unzip a tar.gz in Windows:
cd /path/to/your/folder/with/file
7z x filename.tar.gz

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