The Oculus Rift Will Come At A Hefty Price. Is It Worth IT?

While people around the world may be excited about the upcoming release of The Oculus Rift, they might lose a little bit of that excitement once they hear how much the device is rumored to cost. Nate Mitchell, Vice President of Oculus VR, stated in an interview during a TechCrunch disrupt event  that the Oculus Rift will be considered high end and will cost  more... read more

Fan-Made Full Length Star Trek Film, “Star Trek Renegades”, is a Noble Attempt with Amazing Special Effects & Environments, but Lacks Certain Critical Elements

I admire the effort in this fan-made Star Trek sequel feature film called Star Trek Renegades. The original trailer was pretty good, but did it live up to the expectations? Watch the original official trailer below (full movie is at the end of this post). Star Trek Renegades is a full-length feature film complete with stunning graphics and beautiful environments... read more

Microsoft’s New 2015 Bing Maps Update Redesign May Have Just Won The Maps War

Ever since Google forced their new terrible Google Maps onto the world, millions of people have been looking for a way out. The only real competitor besides Apple Maps which isn't available on PC desktops or non-iOS devices is Bing Maps, but Bing Maps still wasn't better than even the new Google Maps, at least not from my experience. However, this may all be about to... read more