Earning Points

Earning Points

Why do I want to earn points?

Users with the highest points are entered into weekly drawings for a $25 gift card. Also, users with high points will get a custom user page like this one: John Watson. Why do you want that page? Bragging rights, ability to post your site link and get traffic to your site, etc.

How can you earn points?

You can earn points on TechReader in a number of ways.

Ways for regular users to earn points

  • Register on the site: +250 points
  • Leave a comment: +275 points
  • Share a post on social media: +250 points per share
  • Get upvoted: +150 points
  • Get downvoted: -150 points
  • Daily Points (each day you log in): +150 points

Secret Coins Scavenger Hunt

Hidden throughout the site there are secret coins. You may find one in the middle of a comment article, nested in the sidebar somewhere, or even in between some posts somewhere. They could be anywhere, you never know where one is!

They appear randomly and are rare. You really have to look to find one. If you find one, you can earn between 1,000 and 25,000 points by clicking on the coin. You have to be logged in to earn the points. When you click, it will save the extra points in your profile.

Really rare is an automatic free $25 gift card. If you found one, and you click it, you will automatically win a free gift card.

Ways for authors and contributors to earn points

  • Write an article: +500 points
  • Receive a comment on your article: +25 points each comment

Ways for editors to earn points

  • Edit and publish an article: +500 points

Ways for testers to earn points

  • Add a site suggestion that gets implemented: +500 points
  • Find a bug that gets fixed: +300 points

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