WordPress Gets Major 4.2 Update Which Includes Many New Features and Improvements

Wordpress got a major update today, including a number of new features and improvements. General updates: Press This: Press This button got an update, allowing you to more easily share content across the web to your blog. Press This is a bookmarket that you can drag to your bookmarks bar and share youtube videos, twitter, and more. Extended Character... read more

Three New Sega Genesis Titles Coming To The 3DS This Summer

What do you remember about The Sega Genesis? Is it the cleverly constructed ad campaigns, like "Sega does what Nintendont"? Or maybe the constant arguments in the school yard about who had the better system coming out and how many bits they would have. What about all the great games the Genesis library had to offer like Streets of Rage Two, Gunstar Heroes, and Sonic... read more

GameStop To Sell Retro Consoles and Games as Part of a New Promotion.

This is the kind of promotion that gamers dream of. The gaming retailer GameStop, will be starting a new promotion in which customers will be able to buy and trade old game consoles and games. According to IGN, the promotion will be begin at stores in New York and Birmingham, but may be expanded to the rest of the United States if the promotion proves... read more

Project Cars Set To Release In May With 110 Different Tracks And 30 Locations

Game developer Slightly Mad Studios announced this week that their upcoming title, Project Cars, will feature 110 courses and 30 locations at its launch. The game will be released on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on May 12th. The game will also be released for the Wii U, although no further details has been given on the Nintendo release. The game has been delayed three... read more

Marvel’s Daredevil Is An Original, Refreshingly Epic, Action-Packed And Clever New Twist On A Classic Superhero

Ever since Ben Affleck destroyed the role of Daredevil in the 2003 movie from his earlier, less experienced acting years, there has yet to be a good retelling of the story - until now. Perhaps the truly awfulness of the movie was what inspired the writers of the new 2015 TV series to be so awesome. This new series is not just good - it is awesome. I'll admit, I was... read more

Xbox One Criticized For Its Unbelievable Wattage Usage When Using “Instant On” Mode

Xbox On. The ability to utter that one phrase and turn on your Xbox One is costing you more than you think! About 12.5 Watts to be exact. Noah Horowitz, senior scientist for The Natural Resources Defense Council criticized Microsoft this week for not being as energy friendly as its competitors and being deceptive in their wording for saving energy. "With today's... read more

Super Meat Boy May Be Opening The Door For Other Indie Game Characters To Be Added To Super Smash Brothers Brawl

First Banjo Kazooie and now this! It was only a few days ago that Xbox boss Phil Spencer tweeted about his hopes for Banjo to be a playable character in Super Smash Brothers Brawl, now Team Meat is throwing their names into the ring to try to get everyone's favorite blob of meat in the popular Nintendo game. Super Meat Boy is an indie video game developed by Edmund... read more

Get Ready To Rock Out To Live Crowds In An All-New First-Person Perspective In Guitar Hero Live

Live crowds, real reactions, and a TV channel are just some of the selling points for the new Guitar Hero Live game being released this fall by Activision and Harmonix. Guitar Hero Live will be the first installment in the franchise since the series went on Hiatus in 2010. The biggest changes to the popular franchise are that gamers are now given a first person... read more

How To Take A Sneak Peak at YouTube’s New Transparent Tool Bar

Want to see You tube's new transparent control panel before the new design is rolled out? Well now you can by just following these simple instructions. If you are using Chrome, you will first need to download a cookie editor on your computer. You could try using the EditThisCookie extension. Now that you have a cookie editor downloaded on your computer, you now just... read more