Three New Sega Genesis Titles Coming To The 3DS This Summer

What do you remember about The Sega Genesis?

Is it the cleverly constructed ad campaigns, like “Sega does what Nintendont“? Or maybe the constant arguments in the school yard about who had the better system coming out and how many bits they would have. What about all the great games the Genesis library had to offer like Streets of Rage Two, Gunstar Heroes, and Sonic Adventure Two?

Now that we’ve taken a quick stroll down memory lane, get ready to grab your 3DS and fire up the classics, as Sega and M2 have just announced that Streets of Rage 2, Gunstar Heroes, and even Sonic Adventure Two will be available for play on your 3DS later this Summer.

Streets of Rage will be released in July, followed by Gunstar Hero’s in August and Sonic Adventures in September of this year. The games will cost $5.99 each. The games will also be in full 3D, making the want for this game just a little bit stronger as adults try to introduce the new generation to what great games there were in the past.

If anything, these kinds of collaborations need to keep happening. We need to keep the history of gaming alive, and this is one of the best way to do it. Whether its old Sega games from the Genesis days, Super Man 64, or even the dreaded Bubsy 3D for PlayStation, gaming companies need to continue to put these old games on newer consoles, so the next generation of gamers know what came before things like The Xbox and The PlayStation 4.

It really shocks me when most people just pick up a controller and start playing the latest edition of Call Of Duty; but don’t take a minute to think about all the time and effort that went into creating the gaming experience that the person is enjoying. Honestly, I know a lot of this is going to fall on deaf ears, but there are a ton of great games, gaming consoles, and gaming peripherals from the past. You just have to go out and find them. If you don’t, then you are the only one missing out on a truly awesome gaming experience.

Despite never picking up a Genesis controller myself, or even being alive at the time of its release, I find myself excited and eager to run down to the local game store and buy these games for the 3DS. Just pop them in, and see what games and gaming in general was like before Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation became the powers that be in gaming.

What do you think of the planned-release titles? Are there any other old Genesis titles you would like to see released for The 3DS? What are your thoughts on bringing old video games to new consoles? Let us know in the comments below!

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