Forced Lockdowns & Big Tech Tyranny Will Create A New Era Of Digital Innovation

Tyranny has paved the way for a new era of digital and privacy-focused apps and virtual services, and a new virtual way of life to revolutionize the world.

It’s been a long year and you made it through 2020 alive, although maybe not unharmed. Government imposed lockdowns in nearly every country in the first world have created a significant loss to businesses, where as many as 60% of small businesses have shut their doors and will not reopen. There are only a couple of countries which did not destroy their economy by not imposing Orwellian lockdowns.

The loss of life around the world has been significant, but we all know that it has nothing to do with “Covid”. Instead, the government-imposed lockdowns have hurt people far more than any seasonal flu could have. The loss of jobs, starvation, depression, and suicide around the world are off the charts. Even sickness is increasing, not due to any disease, but due to lack of exercise and lack of social interactions. The consequences of the unnecessary forced lockdowns are truly horrific.

It isn’t all bleak for all businesses though. Virtual companies like Amazon have had record highs, especially as local businesses have shut down. Social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google, and others, as well as gaming and other digital services, have experienced massive growth in 2020; as everyone is forced to stay at home, out of work, or otherwise affected by economy-destroying, highly destructive, and baseless government policies.

Boosts to the corporate giants far out of the reach of ordinary citizens is not the only positive outcome to the government-created crisis though. While the damage and destruction caused by government-mandated lockdowns is immeasurable, in this dismal time in human history where the world is overcome with tyranny, it helps to look at some of the positives, even if only to maintain sanity during this time.

Remote Work


In the past decade, the standard 9-5, come into the office style of work has become unnecessary for the vast majority of companies, with the exception of customer-facing jobs like retail workers and food service. In recent years, regular day jobs still resisted virtual work, and have maintained the “come into work” policies because the truth is that change is hard for any organization.

The resistance to working from home stems from the fact that switching to virtual work requires a great deal of change in many organizations. For one, it requires that the company infrastructure is virtual. It also requires changes in policies. It requires training on cybersecurity. It requires employees having the necessary equipment at home. And it requires the acquisition and learning of new virtual tools to bring antiquated corporate communication and workflow into the 21st century.

All these things have been virtually ready to go for some time (pun intended), especially in recent years; but the changes required to implement a broader work-from-home strategy required risks that did not justify the cost or effort to many managers and executives.

With globally-mandated lockdowns, however, this all changed. Faced with permanently shutting the doors, or migrating the company and employees to a work-from-home structure, many companies now saw the value in having employees work from home, even before the lockdowns literally shut the doors to the company preventing many employees from going into the workplace.

Combined with the recent ubiquitousness of smartphones with quality cameras, high-powered computers, fast internet, and a growing marketplace of digital services, along with consumers who have begun to embrace purchasing goods virtually and paying for online services to improve their lives and businesses, the stars have aligned, so to speak, to allow the virtual marketplace and remote work to grow at an unprecedented rate.

A New Virtual Era


While governments who are greedy for power want to kill their economies to create a global order and global currency, they have also inadvertently stimulated new digital markets that have created new opportunities and could create some long-term benefits to society that were unexpected, despite all the governments’ best efforts to create havoc and destruction.

Still, great harm has come from the lockdowns, and there is no doubting the short and long-term ramifications of mandated lockdowns for no good reason. Yet, despite this, we can still have some positive perspectives; those of us who come through this, and those of us with the resilience to bounce back from the precipice of destruction, can choose to look on the bright side and look to the future with hope.

Unfortunately for the governments, locking down the world isn’t going to permanently ruin everything. Sure, it will create a great deal of suffering, destruction, and loss. Yet, a new world can emerge under the ruins of the old one; and this is truly a testament to the resilience of mankind to innovate under the worst of circumstances.

You see, in times of pleasantry, plenty, and good times, what also happens is that people become weak, complacent, and comfortable. Innovation stagnates as people seek to minimize effort and resist change. Forcing people out of their comfort zone will create and is creating a new wave of innovation like the world has never seen.

In this case, it will be digital innovation. Out of the ashes will rise a new breed of economic marketplace, with weathered people who have survived the fires of corporate and governmental tyranny. Veterans to the virtual war waged on the citizens of the world who come out stronger, like the phoenix who rises from the ashes.

Whereas the corporations sought to generate more power by abusing their influence, in the end, they will lose more power than they could have imagined. For example, the banning of the most powerful person in the world, President Donald Trump, from digital platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and others, this has sparked the need as well as the market for new, far more private services that are outside of the control of the corporate tyrants who want to control our everyday lives. Even the ACLU has shockingly spoken out against this level of tyranny of banning the President.

The harder that the governments and Big Tech push, the more people they will turn against them; which also increases the probability of the success of alternative platforms. The harder the government pushes for lockdowns and control, the more people will be liberated from their chains of comfort and complacency, and the more companies will embrace a new era of virtual technology and look for more creative and innovative ways to separate themselves from tyranny.

A New Digital World


With all of the new technology, how can you sift through all this data? Over the coming months of 2021 (can you believe it’s already 2021?!) we will be releasing a series of articles to help people sift through the growing number of digital services and privacy companies, including the best file hosting services, video streaming services, CRMs and other digital platforms, apps, email services, privacy-focused social media, new technologies, automation, and more.

We’re entering a new age of technology. The combination of opportunity with necessity is changing everything, especially virtual apps, goods, and services. The tyranny of governments and Big Tech are shifting what people want and what people need. We will help you sift through this vast amount of new information and learn what’s best for the future of life, business, and the world.

Happy New Year, let’s make it a good one.

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