Marvel’s Daredevil Is An Original, Refreshingly Epic, Action-Packed And Clever New Twist On A Classic Superhero

Ever since Ben Affleck destroyed the role of Daredevil in the 2003 movie from his earlier, less experienced acting years, there has yet to be a good retelling of the story – until now. Perhaps the truly awfulness of the movie was what inspired the writers of the new 2015 TV series to be so awesome. This new series is not just good – it is awesome.

I’ll admit, I was reluctant upon watching the trailer, but the trailer truly does not do this show justice. This has to be one of the best shows in years. The acting is superb, the storytelling is excellent, and the plot, directing, and filming quality is awesome.

The actor they chose was unexpected for the role, but actually turned out to be really awesome – just the kind of awesome that this show needed.Another great things is that the show took on Deborah Ann Woll, who starred as the vampire Jessica Hamby in HBO’s hit series True Blood. Deborah does an awesome job portraying her character in Daredevil and really brings some life into this refreshing series.

marvel's daredevil 3

There have been a few good shows over the past few years, but few come close to this amazing new show. It is gritty, realistic, and believable although yet beyond belief in perfect harmony. The only downside is they seem to have failed to capture the true awesomeness in the trailer, which means most people who don’t watch the show because of the trailer alone won’t know what they are missing.

This isn’t your typical superhero story, although it does have enough to keep even die-hard superhero fans entertained. Without giving anything away, it is set in what appears to be the city of New York City. Instead of Daredevil taking a full vigilante role such as the typical superhero story, he is instead taking on a wonderful new twist as a detective slash lawyer.

The show perfectly harmonizes the realism in a way that truly helps you to identify with daredevil, combines with the thrill of being a superhero. While he struggles with the downsides of being blind he overcomes this with near-superhuman qualities that are totally within reason.

marvel's daredevil 2

They really portray the character in a way that he could really be a real person, with abilities that hold within the laws of physics yet show him as special in that cool way. The way they help you relate to Matthew Murdock, the name of Daredevil, really pulls you into the story and helps you really be able to feel what he is feeling.

The overall feel of the show is closer to one of the latest TV renditions of Sherlock Holmes, “Elementary”, than it is to the superhero show; yet with a certain film-noir aspect that is so original it had me awestruck with the awesome quality of the writing, acting, directing, and filming.

There is really nothing else out there like this, and that is really something rare to say in an age of television where most shows are a copy of other shows in some way or another. Marvel’s Daredevil is truly a work of art – and something I found interesting was that it’s a film masterpiece that is hard to capture in a single frame.

This show is truly a must-see! Don’t miss this show or you will truly miss out on something special.

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