GTA 5 Director’s Mode Will Change The Franchise Forever

The PC version of Grand Theft Auto Five hits stores Tuesday April 14, and while fans of the franchise might be eager to go on a few high stake heists, get in an intense shootout with the law, or maybe even steal a military grade airplane, fans should to be equally excited about the new Director Mode that is exclusive to The PC version.

The director mode is said to give gamers the ability to hit the record button at will and let the adventure begin. This allows the player to record a certain section of game play and then mess around with certain aspects of the scene like, who the camera follows, what angle the camera is at, and ultimately, who is involved in the scene.

gta 5 directors mode 1

Beyond recording any section of game play, the player also has the option to switch between the actors involved in the scene as well. Players will be able to switch between heist characters, the general population, other online players and even animals to help weave their masterpieces.

The options of customization go even further, with the player being given the ability to make the actors speak, and even perform a multitude of contextual actions as well. The game gives players the ability to change aspects of the scene, like time of day, weather and is even given a host of cheats for even more fun in Director Mode.

Once the scene is finished and players had their fun making Trevor dance in his underwear for about thirty seconds, it is now time to focus on the sound and music that will accompany your scene. GTA five’s, Director Mode offers multiple editing tracks, allowing even more customization on the music side of things, and even scored music from the many commercials in the game.

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Finally, the game has a filter suite, where you can edit scenes with certain effects and even a depth of field option, to give the scene a more cinematic feel. All these options will not only have fans running to YouTube to show off their latest shootout with the law, but will have players directing short film action thrillers as well.

Whether you’re looking to create a rap video featuring Franklin, Trevor and Michael, or looking to create a cinematic crime thriller masterpiece in the city of Los Santos, GTA 5’s, Director Mode looks like another promising feature in an already thrilling game.

In all honesty, features like Director Mode are a sign of the changing landscape of gaming. It’s just not enough to tell your friends on the phone or at work about how you survived a thirty minute shootout with the police with five stars anymore, now you have to prove it, with a video showing what exactly took place and how you managed to survive the treacherous Los Santos Police.

gta 5 directors mode 4

Beyond that, the customizations in the mode will undoubtedly add hours upon hours of extra gameplay for fans of the franchise. Not only do players now have the option to show off their talents in the world of Grand Theft Auto, they now have the ability to make cinematic like pieces with Director Mode as well. This will give players a chance to create full on movies, music videos, Saturday Night Live style skits and even hilarious meme videos too. The possibilities are endless with this new mode my Rockstar, and I honestly can’t wait to see the results of it!

What will you do with the new director mode in GTA 5? What do you think of the level of customization the mode currently offers? Does this feature make getting The PC version worth it? Let us know in the comments below!

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