DOTA Gets An Unofficial Call Of Duty Style Makeover By Modder Named BMD

Defense Of The Ancients now a first-person shooter?

Not exactly, but thanks to a complete makeover by a modder named BMD, the game has been transformed into a fantasy first-person shooter with cartoon-like graphics. BMD also took out items, minions and many other core elements of gameplay that define the franchise.

For those not familiar with DOTA, the game focuses on high-speed tactical warfare between teams, where players try to take out each others army. Destroying enemies allows you to accumulate money, which you can use to buy new abilities and items to use in your next battle. While these are the core elements of DOTA game play, BMD had other ideas for the strategy game.

BMD talked about how they were able to modify the games mechanics and core gameplay in a post on Reddit that reads “I created my own system of motion that allows me do to things like have characters jump and strafe, and turn at an infinite rate. In fact, no unit orders are given at all in the game, nor are any hero abilities or items used. The modder also describes the camera controls as “extremely hacked into, but functional.”

The mod was made using the free “Source Two Engine”, meaning that as long as Valve keeps true to liberal approach on modding, the code will be released to the general public in no time at all. For those that are concerned that this won’t be the case, remember that the original DOTA game was a in fact a mod of World Of Warcraft III.

Modding is such a beautiful thing in the gaming world today. It amazes me how someone is able to take a game like DOTA and turn it into something completely different. While this may not have been what the original developers intended for the game, its nice to see someone else’s vision of the game being realized in such an innovative and original way. BMD literally threw out every core game mechanic in DOTA, and made the game his own..

What do you think about BMD’s mod of DOTA? Do you think it will be allowed by valve? Will you use the code if it does become available to everyone? Let us know in the comments below!

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