Top 20 Reasons Why Flat Earth Theory Has Absolutely No Scientific Basis (Part 2)

This article is continued from Part 1. The article got too long, so I had to split it into two parts. If you haven’t read Part 1, please go back to read it first.

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Here is the continued list with the final Top 10 (out of 20) reasons why flat Earth theory is illogical and makes no sense at all:

10 The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons
The Issue: The four seasons make zero sense if the Earth is flat. Scientifically, the evidence for a round Earth, tilt of the Earth, rotation of the Earth, and the Earth's time traveling around the sun, as well as the full data of changing seasons and cumulative data of the seasons in different areas of the world, all support a spherical Earth. Don't believe me? Visit different places at the same time of the year and see how the seasons are different.

9 The Equator

The Equator
The Issue: It is undeniable that it is hotter at the equator and colder toward the poles. If the Earth were flat as the flat-Earth model suggests, with the north pole being the center of a large disc, then why would it be hottest in a ring surrounding the middle of the disc?

If the Earth were a flat disc as that model suggests, then in reality, heading north would be hot, and south would be colder, no matter where you are, because the center would be the warmest part of the disc.

Why? Because the center of the disc is the furthest from the cold of space. However, this isn't the case. In our real, spherical world, heading north or south from the equator will head to a colder climate.

8 Solar Radiation

Solar Radiation
The Issue: Our atmosphere protects us from solar radiation. Not just the air above us, but also the magnetic field. Scientifically, a flat Earth theory will begin to break down when you consider the logistics surrounding our atmospheric protection from solar radiation and cosmic threats (such as meteors).

7 Wind

The Issue: Where does the wind go? Does it bounce off the side of the dome? Where does it originate? Insert your theories here about how there are big fans on the side of the dome or something like that. We have wind because of our spherical Earth.

6 Tides

The Issue: What causes tides? Gravitational pull from the moon on our big sphere called Earth. If the Earth were flat, tides could not exist.

5 Boats on the Horizon

Boats on the Horizon
The Issue: If you look into the horizon you see a line, not the end of the Earth. If you go high like in a plane you still see a line, not Antarctica. This is evidence that the world is round, not that it's a flat disc. Likewise, if you watch a boat head off into the sunset, eventually it will disappear.

One guy said that if you took a big telescope then you can still see the boat over the horizon. There are several explanations for this. First, is that it didn't go far enough away and the disappearing was a perception problem, not because it went too far past the Earth's curvature. Second, is that it is an illusion of bending light. Kind of like a mirage. Light reflecting off the water allows you to see it.

However, the only way to disprove this is to try to see a city on the other side of the world with a huge telescope. If the Earth was flat, you'd be able to see China from America with a big enough telescope. You can't, though, even with a big enough telescope.

4 Comets, Asteroids, Meteoroids, Meteors, and Meteorites

Comets, Asteroids, Meteoroids, Meteors, and Meteorites
The Issue: Meteors are definitely real. If you didn't know, a mass traveling through space is called a comet, asteroid, or meteroid; and when it enters the Earth's atmosphere, it's called a meteor. When it hits the ground it's called a meteorite.

If our Earth is really a flat disc, and the dome is an atmosphere and not a projection (see the Sun argument from Part 1), then what's the deal with meteors? If you're saying the disc was created by aliens and the dome is a huge computer monitor, then meteors make no sense.

3 Argument: Trains Don't Factor In the Curvature of the Earth

Argument: Trains Don't Factor In the Curvature of the Earth
The Issue: First, you have to understand the Earth is not a perfect, smooth sphere. There are hills, mountains, lakes, and valleys. You don't factor the curvature because the Earth is not a perfectly smooth marble. The Earth has topography.

Because of topography, we do not need to factor the curvature, we only have to factor in the topography. If the Earth were a smooth marble, then we would need to factor in curvature. But it is not. The Earth does have topography. You only need to factor in what's in front of you.

To demonstrate, make a big ball, about 10 feet in diameter. Make it perfectly smooth. Now, you can't lay small lego in a straight line. This is what flat Earth proponents are arguing. However, this is not representative of the Earth, because the Earth is not a perfectly smooth sphere.

Now, make a second ball the same size. This time, make lots of bumps of all sizes all over it. Now try to lay a lego. You will notice you have to make the lego move up or down on the bumps. You don't need to factor the roundness of the ball. You only need to factor in the bumps.

2 The Proponents Lack Even Logical Credibility

The Proponents Lack Even Logical Credibility
The Issue: If you watch any of the "Flat Earth" documentaries, you will quickly realize that they are not presenting real evidence, but rather presenting an emotional argument. They do mention a couple of the issues discussed, but not without a whole bunch of mindless rambling, strong emotional appeal, and baseless psychobabble.

It's really hard to watch the documentaries if you have a sound mind. It screams "crazy" to your subconscious. Instead, the documentaries focus more on the fact that we are being lied to by the media, which is true; and by politicians, which is also true. But not about a flat Earth. Lying about global warming, yes (political agenda). Dinosaurs, maybe (evolution agenda). But a flat Earth? No. There is no point.

It achieves no end to lie about a flat Earth if it's part of nature and our Earth is a big natural disc with an atmosphere. And if we are really in a big petri dish made by aliens, then it does nothing for politicians and corporations to lie to everyone about that fact. Moreoever, the latter does not line up with science, as discussed above.

Listen to a couple of the flat Earth documentaries. Notice the lack of facts and the emphasis on an emotional appeal. This is a huge red flag.

1 Occam's Razor

Occam's Razor
The Issue: In light of all the evidence, it just isn't possible that the Earth is flat. It has to be round. Occam's Razor, also known as the "law of parsimony", states that "the simplest explanation is usually the correct one". Sure, it is within the realm of plausibility that we are on a flat dome created by aliens with advanced technology. However, logic supersedes everything, and aliens couldn't alter logic itself. Logic is a core and fundamental principle of our universe. Thus, it is far more reasonable to consider that our Earth is round as all the evidence suggests, rather than a flat Earth with no real irrefutable evidence.

Belief in a flat Earth has been becoming more pervasive in recent years. However, this belief becoming more widespread is a phenomenon that I believe I can explain. First of all, there are some fundamental hoaxes that are causing people to begin to disbelieve everything about their reality as they have been taught. Among the hoaxes, myths, or even outright lies, include Global Warming, Evolutionary Theory, the Big Bang Theory, and even possibly the Theory of Dinosaurs.

In light of these major and fundamental lies regarding the understanding of our universe which involve massive cover-ups, misinformation, and forced teaching in schools, it is not a wonder then that people who are awakened to these realities will begin to question everything; and do so completely seriously, not because they are crazy or stupid. In fact there are many intelligent people who believe in some seemingly absurd notions.

The reason for this, I believe, is because it is a phenomenon of human nature. Our society has been set up in such a way that a few people can control the flow of information through the media and educational establishment. Among these begin lies – lies about our world, wars, politics, even science itself such as the global warming scam.

As a result, people who are broken free from the lies are burdened with an intense distrust of the establishment. They begin to question everything they have been told, after they uncovered so great a deception.

It’s clear to most people that someone is lying to us, but most people find it impossible to discern what is real. People begin to question things like, “is the Earth really round? Perhaps it’s flat?” “Do aliens exist?” “Does NASA even exist?” “Was the moon landing a hoax?” “Does space exist?” “Do I exist?” And so on and so forth. It is a dark rabbit hole, with no end in sight.

Perhaps you remember as a child coming to the understanding that you can say “why?” an endless number of times. I know I distincly remember this. I was about 4 years old, I remember sitting in the passenger seat of the van as we were cleaning it and asking, “why?” to a question, and then realizing I can keep saying “why?” until the person answering runs out of answers and leaves my last “why?” unanswered.

For example, let me think of a question to ask. “Why does ice cream taste good?” Because it contains a lot of sugar (including natural sugar from dairy called lactose). “Why does it contain sugar?” Because ice cream manufacturers add sugar, and because lactose is part of the natural chemical composition of milk. “Why?”

Now we’ve branched, let’s take the second path: because sugar provides energy to new calves (baby cows). “Why do they need energy?” Because it’s what’s necessary to survive. “Why do they need to survive?” Because that’s the way nature intended / that’s how God created nature. “Why?” and so on and so forth. You can say “Why?” to just about every statement an endless amount of times.

Thus, it is human nature to ask questions, and it is a fundamental reality that there are more questions than can be answered. As a result, after coming into a realization of a lie so big that it shakes a person’s fundamental understanding of the world, such as the global warming hoax, the questions begin.

Once a person loses the certainty of the world around them, as well as loses faith in the establishment to provide correct answers, an intelligent person no longer has any reliable venue to go to to derive answers. A person can no longer trust the media, educational establishment, or books. Reliable scientists gain a reasonable doubt.

No one can be trusted except the person’s own intuition, intellect, gut feeling, and reason (logic). This is exacerbated by the advent of the internet. Anyone can read about just about any subject, and there are few checks and balances to discern what is real and valid from what is not. Official websites like anything ending in “.gov” are immediately distrusted, and people have no option but to go to bloggers and youtube to try to gather information so they can decide for themselves what is real.

The problem with this is that most bloggers also have no idea what they are talking about either; and when talking about controversial issues, these bloggers either make things up to support what they have decided to believe, or go with whatever they heard first. The bloggers are also subject to the same original phenomenon, and thus the misinformation multiplies.

So how do you know what is real? Well, I would say that whoever provides the best coherent argument, listen to them and then go with your gut feeling. Better yet, if possible try to see for yourself and use your own personal experiences to gauge what is real. It’s difficult to escape the rabbit hole once you have gone down.

Some things, however, you probably won’t have the means to disprove. For example, you probably can’t afford to head to space to see the round Earth for yourself. And since the only way to disprove things that don’t exist is to see them, attempting to disprove them creates a dilemma, a paradox, a fundamental catch-22.

It is impossible to disprove something that doesn’t exist, because the only way to disprove it is to see it. You can’t see it if it doesn’t exist, so you can’t disprove it. You can’t disprove aliens if they don’t exist. You could only prove their existence if they did exist, but you can’t disprove them if they don’t. It is an impossible situation. This is where reason and logic come in. You have to resort to logical possibilities to come to a reasonable acceptance of the nonexistence of something.

As for the flat Earth concept, I have certainly decided for myself based off the fact that I was able to refute every argument; as well as use my own personal experiences to come to the conclusion that the Earth can’t be flat. What do you think? Do you believe in flat Earth? Even after reading this article? Why or why not?

p.s. On a side note, if I’m in on the scam too, then why would I also write articles providing evidence against Global Warming and the Big Bang? I’m definitely not in on it. I simply logically conclude that the Earth is round, after weighing all the supporting evidence.

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12 thoughts on “Top 20 Reasons Why Flat Earth Theory Has Absolutely No Scientific Basis (Part 2)

  1. If the earth was flat, the shortest route from any given place to another would be a straight line. If the earth is a sphere, the shortest distance would be a curve. Now look at the flight paths of any significant distance. They are all curved.

    So, it’s easy to do a repeatable experiment to prove the shape of the earth. Fly from Chicago to Dubai in a straight line and measure the time and distance traveled. Then make the flight using the curved line and compare the measured times and distances.


    • While your heart is in the right place and I believe your conclusion is correct, unfortunately your logic is fallacious. First of all, for a round or a flat earth, the shortest distance is a straight line. What changes is only altitude, but all this is done by instruments that keep the plane on course, so it is not measurable unless you outfitted the equipment with how many times it altered its angle slightly downward to cater to the globe earth.

      Secondly, the curved paths of plane routes have nothing to do with the curvature of the Earth, for the same reason mentioned above.

      Moreover, due to problems with maps, it is not so easy to measure.

      Unfortunately it is not so simple. The best way to see the shape of the Earth is to go into space and take a look. Unfortunately, all the pictures of earth are composites, and this deficiency contributes to the flat earth myth. Of course, the Earth is a globe just like every other celestial body (planets, stars, etc), but the missing pictures of Earth as well aas NASA’s repeated fakes (presumably to save money by faking it instead of actually doing it), do not do the truth about the globe earth any favors.

  2. Did you geniuses know that NASA claims they lost all telemetry data from the moon missions in the 60s? All of it. In other words they lost the “proof”

    If that weren’t enough, they also admit that we can NO LONGER GO TO THE MOON, because they, and i quote:
    “DESTROYED that technology and it would be a painful process to build it back”

    Painful process? Despite the 19 billion dollar a year budget.

    Guys, if you still don’t get it, you don’t want to get it. Many more are brainwashed in modern day America than the most primitive societies that ever existed.

  3. I know this article is old but I Just read your article on dinosaurs where you mention flat earth in one of your comments so here I am. I am not going to act like I’m a scientist and know everything but there are more questions than answers!

    Some points here:

    20. Satellites, how about the temperatures and conditions, or the sheer amount of them they say are up there, they don’t repair them and they turn into space junk?

    19. GPS, could be drones or balloons that doesn’t prove anything.

    18. Rockets curve in the footage, this kinda goes with how the atmosphere is contained? Usually you need a barrier to contain stuff.

    16. Space missions were so fake its not even funny so many documentaries exposing this its even made fun of in movies and such.

    15. Go Pro gives a nice curve doesn’t it lol

    14. How about they turn hubble around lets get some proof of a non CGI Earth.

    13. You talk about space tourism like it exists already it doesn’t so how does that even make sense to put on this list?

    12. So because the pool balls are round the table has to be too? Planets viewed by amateurs are balls of light, not terra firma you can land on.

    10 & 9. Flat Earth map not perfect but can explain seasons and why it is warmer at the equator and such. All in these flat earth videos that you criticized they talk about the theory and how they think it works.

    8. Shouldn’t meteors also come from every direction? not just downwards if we are indeed hurtling through space we should see them go every which way up down etc.

    7. The moon is so small but affects our tides wouldn’t we affect it more being way bigger?

    6. You can’t see infinitely far due to dust smog etc

    2. Saying an entire group of people lack credibility based on barely any research is straight ignorance.

    1. Flat Earth actually makes more sense, you wouldn’t need made up things like gravity.

    • 20. They do repair them. Part of the job of ISS.
      19. True but this does not prove flat earth
      18. You neglected to consider this would be the same for a globe earth which does not spin.
      16. Yes space missions may have been fake, it is a possibility, but all this proves is we haven’t been to the moon. Still a globe earth can still make it too hard to go to the moon. That videos were faked doesn’t prove flat earth.
      15. Earth is too big for a curve to be visible from a camera
      14. How does hubble turning have anything to do with earth
      14b. You put two things in 14 – cgi earth yes very true even nasa admits there are no actual full pictures of earth, but this does not prove it’s flat it only proves they didn’t take a picture of the globe.
      13. Space tourism may exist soon. The point is why would billionaires spend money in research and development if it was all fake. Makes sense for NASA but makes no sense for the private sector.
      12. Has nothing to do with pool balls – you have inserted a Red Herring argument – a logical fallacy.
      10/9. Flat earth makes no sense for a warmer equator. If earth was flat then the whole earth should be uniform. Warm at equator is evidence for a globe earth. The equator is closer to the sun.
      8. Have you ever seen a meteor shower? If not take a look at meteors on youtube. None are coming “straight down”. All come at an angle which supports globe earth.
      7. Moon is quite large. Moon does not have water but if it did then your comment makes sense that earth would also affect moon’s tides even more than the moon affects us, if the moon had water. Since moon does not have water there are no tides to affect.
      6. This does not prove flat earth.
      2. Based on the fact that every one of your arguments above are clearly fallacious, you have only reinforced the idea of lack of research or solid thinking skills of flat earthers.
      1. No actually flat earth does not make any sense at all since there is no evidence at all for it and all the arguments supporting flat earth don’t work.

    • If you believe in the flat earth theory, then you must not believe in God as our creator but as an alien instead. I think we should get together a team of explorers to go prove or disprove this theory. Even if all are persuaded to lie about the discovery, at least one will be defiantly enough to let the truth be known. Let get this team together and go prove or disprove this theory.

      • It would be nice, however most people would not even take flat earth seriously enough to bother taking a team of explorers to debunk it. If you really want to debunk it, you would have to do it on your own and get your own team of people to do it. Still though, they will just say your exploring was all fake and you are liars, that is how they trick people into believing in the false flat earth lies.

  4. Many thanks for this you got it with devastating accuracy clearly there are people who need to research and practice what they preach. I too debunked flat Earth how can so many of the things we see be fake it’s hard to swallow I say this also if NASA and all other space agency’s teachers teaching Astronomy to children were lying it would destroy a child’s life you really believe Nasa would take away something they have given to the world science away from people and say ohh by the way sorry last 60 years all fake no why would they only criminals would do that not dedicated people devoting there life and time to space exploration and science.

    Also flatearthers explain this if the sun is only 32 miles in diameter wouldn’t that make your pancake a little colder than it is nice try though. And before you carry on your preaching consider this show us the edge of the world don’t talk about it DO IT

      • Poor flat earthers are buying into a disinformation campaign designed to discredit anyone who questions science. Flat earth conspiracy is actually designed as a PsyOp (Psychological Warfare Operation) to discredit anyone who questions mainstream science. Unfortunately, many people are beginning to believe flat earth and thus are looking crazy to everyone else. While the earth is definitely a globe, much of the rest of science is actually false, i.e. Big Bang, spinning/moving earth, age of the earth, and many others. Don’t buy into the PsyOp of flat earth. It is a lie trying to trick people into a false theory to try to make you all people who actually use your brains to look crazy. The earth is definitely a round globe, but question everything else.

        • ^ THIS. The autists on 4chan actually uncovered the connection of the Flat Earth Society to the Federal Government. It’s just another MK Ultra PsyOp. Don’t fall for it, people!


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