The Great Global Warming Swindle – Full Documentary | Scientific Proof That Global Warming Is A Hoax

Global warming has long since been proven to be a hoax. Thousands of scientists use cold hard evidence to prove that there is no truth to the climate change political agenda. In 2007 BBC created a full documentary on the subject. Most people today do not believe in global warming any more, but still a few do, especially those who haven’t read any of the scientific evidence in the past decade.

Global warming is scientifically proven to be a hoax. Climate change is used by government officials to increase power by regulation and climate change laws. Environmental activists use climate change as an attempt to criminalize anyone who differs with their philosophical viewpoints. Governments and corporations make trillions of dollars from climate change regulation.

However, everyone is hurt by climate change legislation, especially small businesses and everyday consumers around the world. Climate change has become a religion, an orthodoxy; and anyone who dissents from the popular viewpoint is torn apart and demonized by the liberal media. This is all in spite of the overwhelming evidence proving that there is no truth to climate change propaganda.

Below is the full documentary that you can watch right here for free online. Here are some quotes from the video from some leading experts and scientists in their fields. Scroll down to watch the full movie.


“You can’t say that CO2 drives climate. It certainly never did in the past. If we look at climate from a geological perspective, we would never suspect CO2 as a major climate driver.”

– Professor Ian Clark
    Department of Earth Sciences
   University of Ottowa


“None of the major climate changes in the last thousand years can be explained by CO2.”

– Dr Piers Corban
    Climate Forecaster, Weather Action


“[Global warming implies that] if the CO2 increases in the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas, then the temperature will go up. But the ice core record shows exactly the opposite.”

– Professor Tim Ball
    Department of Climatology
   University of Winnipeg


“There is such intolerance of any dissenting voice [who opposes climate change]. This is the most politically incorrect thing possible, to doubt this climate change orthodoxy.”

– Lord Nigel Lawson
    Member of British Parliament 1974 to 1992


“The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), like any UN body, is political. The final conclusions are politically driven.”

– Professor Philip Stott
    Department of Biogeography
   University of London


“To fill the number up to 2500, they have to start taking reviewers, and government people, and so on; anyone who ever came close to them. And none of them are asked to agree. Many of them disagree.

People have decided you have to convince other people, that since no scientist disagrees, you shouldn’t disagree either. But whenever you hear that in science, that’s pure propaganda.”

– Professor Richard Lindzen
    IPCC & M.I.T.


“This claim, that the IPCC is the ‘world’s top 2,500 scientists’, you look at the bibliographies, and it’s simply not true. There are quite a number of non-scientists.

Those people who are specialists but don’t agree with the polemic, and resign, and there have been a number that I know of, they are simply put on this author list and become part of this 2,500 ‘the world’s top scientists.'”

– Professor Paul Reiter
    IPCC & Pasteur Institute, Paris

“I’ve often heard it said that there’s a consensus of thousands of scientists on the global warming issue that humans are causing a catastrophic change to the climate system. Well I am one scientists and there are many that simply think that is not true.”

– Professor John Christy
    Lead Author, IPCC

Watch the full documentary below:

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Full Documentary

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6 thoughts on “The Great Global Warming Swindle – Full Documentary | Scientific Proof That Global Warming Is A Hoax

  1. An excellent documentary that “should” finish-off the climate cooling/warming/change hoax. Contrary to the author, CC theory is still around, and in my estimation, believed more so than not. It has become a “go-to” ideology for a multitude of reasons, and thus is a religion with deep ties to the unconscious and not easily uprooted.

    First and foremost, it makes one feel good for protecting the earth–and herein lays the great truth about CC. We are actually making the earth sick with (unnecessary) pollution, but not with man-made CO2, which is a tiny part of the whole CO2 found on earth. Many people are moved by the demise of the Earth’s environment and this is the basis for a “conspiracy” by the oil companies, etc.

    Second, and closely connected to the first, is the enjoyment of going after the “established authorities” in the scientific world of climatology. Overturning societal order was and is the goal of many ideologues.

    Third, the whole concept of nature working outside of humankind’s control/ego is frightening to many as they exclusively live by their intellect. Thus, the “change” especially in normal climate change is anathema. It is ironic that after the former two permutations (cooling, warming), the CC school is actually describing the climate correctly!

    For a recent, great documentary, see link for the role that cosmic space plays in cloud formation:

    • Thank you for the clarification. For most Americans, both mean British television; after all there are only a couple of British channels. BBC and Channel 4 are equally as strong television producers, and both are public service television broadcasting networks out of the UK.


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