Is The Mars InSight Lander Real? Top 5 Reasons It Could Be A Hoax, Even If It’s Not.

Was the latest Mars landing really a big fraud? Here are some possible reasons why it may or may not have been a hoax.

Ok, so I’m not going to say that the Mars lander was a hoax. After all, I didn’t work on the Mars project. Who am I to say whether something happened when I wasn’t there? I wasn’t here on Earth millions of years ago, so just like I can’t say for sure that dinosaurs existed (or didn’t), and I also can’t tell you for sure that the Mars InSight is a hoax, since I am not currently on Mars, watching it roving around with my own two eyes. Then again, if I really was on Mars, I would be looking through a space suit, which could – dare I say, be a covert computer monitor without me knowing. Anyway, let’s take a journey down the rabbit hole.

Is it possible that the Mars landing really is just another hoax? To answer this question, we need to answer the age-old question: Why? Why would NASA spend so much money on such an elaborate hoax? Of course, if the earth was flat (it’s not) and we’re all in a bubble, or if really we’re all in the Matrix and our entire reality is just digital code, and we’re all really asleep in pods in the future, then it would make sense. Then again if we really were in the Matrix, then why couldn’t we have sent a digital galactic rover to Mars if nothing is real and we’re just in the Matrix anyway?

But coming back from the brink of insanity, there are logical reasons why the Mars InSight landing could be a hoax; but, unlike the moon landing, it doesn’t have as much to stand on. The moon landing could have been a hoax because it was the beginning of the space race, and there was a lot riding on it. It was a global fight for power and status in a new age. I’m also not saying the moon landing was a hoax, since I was not there; but just pointing out a plausible explanation for why such a great hoax could have been propagated.

Today, though, it doesn’t make such sense for NASA to do a fake Mars landing; at least, not for all the same reasons. We’re not really in a race to get to Mars like we were to get to the moon in the 60s. So, why might the Mars landing be a hoax? Let’s look at the reasons why it possibly could be a hoax, even if it isn’t.

5 Money Laundering

Money Laundering
The Hoax

What better way to launder billions of dollars of taxpayer money? This money could be used for illegal programs like, for example, PRISM, the NSA's spying program. Everyone called people "conspiracy theorists" when they said "the government is watching and tracking you", but now you don't hear a peep from those naysayers because Edward Snowden revealed the evidence of a massive, historically unprecedented secret NSA spying program that monitored all cell phones, emails, and digital communication for not just American citizens but also around the world.

Where does the money come from to fund these super-secret illegal programs? Certainly they can't use the regular channels - it has to be completely secret. Therefore, a fake Mars landing could be a great way to launder this money. After all, CGI has gotten so realistic that humans can no longer tell the difference from a digitally rendered scene and reality.

4 To keep NASA alive

To keep NASA alive
The Hoax

Let's face it, NASA hasn't done much since the moon landing - and that is even dubious. Moreover, with Elon Musk beating NASA at their own game with Space X, NASA has some big shoes to fill. Their competition is stronger than ever before, and now they've been practically out of operation for a few years, which is a lifetime in technology.

What better way to one-up Elon Musk and Space X to make NASA seem relevant, than to fake a Mars landing before Musk does it? Of course, NASA has already said they've sent rovers to Mars before; but still, another big show will be a great way to make it seem like government-funded space programs are more relevant than private space programs.

3 To discredit "conspiracy theories"

To discredit
The Hoax

Forget the obvious fact that conspiracies exist and that people who logically believe them are called crazy until the day an Edward Snowden reveals the truth to the world. No one will apologize for destroying people who either believed a conspiracy before it was proved, or who proved it but were dismissed or even criminalized.

As a result, another grand conspiracy which is so obvious, yet that is made out to be like those who deny it are nuts, will really do a number on anyone who dares to question the narrative. If the moon landing was really a hoax, NASA did such a good job at declaring the narrative to be factual despite the incredible evidence that it really could have a hoax, that a fake Mars landing would be a great new conspiracy to push the agenda of "believe whatever you see on TV". After all, this is a safe fake narrative to push. Who's really going to question it when everyone failed to alter the narrative that the moon landing was real?

2 Many people who spent a fortune on advanced college degrees need NASA to be relevant

Many people who spent a fortune on advanced college degrees need NASA to be relevant
The Hoax

When Obama de-funded NASA, many people who spent the best years of their lives with their noses in textbooks lost their jobs, their livelihoods, and everything they worked for - not to mention their life's work. Thanks to Trump bringing back the space program last year, there are a lot of people who will walk in blissful ignorance (Matrix pun) at getting their lives and careers back. There's no way they will accept that their whole lives and careers were spent on an elaborate hoax.

These are the perfect victims for a diabolical scheme to fake a Mars landing. I'm not saying it was fake, but it's a pretty good reason for many people working on the project to turn a blind eye to inconsistencies like that occasional screen flicker, or that formula that just doesn't add up to what they are looking at on the big screen.

1 There's a lot of money to be made

There's a lot of money to be made
The Hoax

Where is the first place to look to uncover a fraud? Follow the money. NASA is a money machine. It is a marvelous way to spend billions of taxpayer dollars for six-figure NASA jobs. Hey, more jobs isn't a bad thing, necessarily. Of course, if those jobs do nothing for society, then it is a problem for the economy in the long run. It's like convincing a family to upgrade their 1080p TV to a 4K TV even though from a normal viewing distance the human eye cannot see any difference whatsoever.

Everyone loves to give money for the latest and greatest. Whether or not we really went to the moon is irrelevant; the moon is old news. People want to go farther. Venus' climate is ridiculous, and it would be utterly uninhabitable for humans; so Mars is the next choice. After all, with all these science fiction movies showing humans inhabiting Mars and distant planets and galaxies, it has gotten many people seriously thinking about it.

Nevermind that the entire population of 7 billion people could fit inside the state of Rhode Island (the smallest state in the U.S.), or very comfortably inside the state of Virginia. People want to go to the stars! After all, it is human nature to expand, and explore strange new worlds. And with the myth of global warming, it's an easy point to sell to deluded politicians. Forget the fact that even if the Earth warmed 20 degrees it would be a trillion times more inhabitable than Mars.

Earth has an atmosphere. Mars does not. If we ever advance to the level of being able to terraform Mars (alter a planet to be inhabitable) to have an atmosphere and actually be inhabitable outside of space pods, it would take a quintillionth of that level of science to solve every possible weather crisis on Earth. Needless to say, millennia before our level of environmental science to achieve terraforming could allow us to live on Mars, Earth would already be basically a Garden of Eden, an ecological paradise.

What are some reasons that the Mars landing was not a hoax? There are a number of them. You might think that a lot of people have to be in on it, but that’s not true. In fact, only the people at the top need to be in on it, the rest of the people could just be presented the right things on their screen and they could truly believe it was real even if it was a hoax.

On the other hand, there are some large logistical hurdles to overcome. You would have to send a fake rocket into space, not a problem, but a big waste of money – although, not even close to the amount needed to send a real Mars lander. You would need a super-secret highly skilled team of web developers and CGI technicians in order to update all these screens in real time. Challenging, although far from impossible.

Then again, it could all be mostly prerecorded; but it still needs to be utterly seamless. It is a big logistical feat. That said, the NSA’s Prism program went completely undetected until one rogue analyst named Edward Snowden spilled the beans, in the process ending his way of life and being forced to flee to Russia. PRISM was a far greater logistical feat than just tricking a few hundred or even thousand engineers.

On the flip side, when it comes to space, there is never supposed to be anything unexpected happening. This means that you could have a team who thinks that everything went perfect with absolutely no issues, and this fits perfectly with a strategy to essentially follow a script of software and CGI simulations that appear real. When nothing deviates, people don’t suspect it was a simulation, they assume they did everything perfectly – like they are supposed to do as space engineers.

Artist’s rendition of the Mars Insight Lander on Mars

Therefore it is in fact easier to fake a prerecorded set of events and computer programs and CGI simulations than it is to actually do the real thing. Not only is it far, far easier, but it is astronomically cheaper – pun intended. If the Mars rover really was a hoax, it would be way easier to pull off than you might think. It would certainly be easier to pull off than actually going to Mars.

So, was the Mars InSight lander a hoax? Maybe, maybe not. Probably not, but there are some serious issues to consider before believing the story. It is certainly within the realm of sane logical reasoning to consider the possibility – after all, it’s way easier to fake a Mars landing than it was to conduct the NSA’s global PRISM spying program completely undetected for so long. Just remember: don’t believe everything you see on TV.

The real challenge will be when they create a real-life holodeck like on Star Trek – that is, holograms that look like real life that you can also see, feel, and interact with just like real life. Then we won’t even know if what we are seeing in real life with our own eyes is real or a simulation. Fortunately, we’re still a long way off from that.

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