New Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign Makes It Easier For People To Learn Skateboard Tricks!

I just picked up one of these little gadgets that will help you learn skateboard tricks faster! One of the primary things about skateboard tricks is getting down the physics and the muscle memory of the movement itself. Unfortunately, for newbies at skateboarding, this usually means you will fall – A LOT – before getting even your first trick down. If you are unlucky, this could mean broken bones or even giving up before getting good enough to be motivated to get out there.

With these, however, you (or your kids) can skip past the hurts, pains, wipeouts, and falls and protect your bones and wrists and knees and back, because this innovative gadget will stop your skateboard from slipping out from under you when you are getting the basic moves down like ollies, kickflips, or even more advanced moves. Never before has it been so safe to learn a skateboard trick.

So you don’t have to have expert skateboard balance before getting down the skateboard tricks. I have been looking for something to help me learn faster and safer and finally found it! Most of the time when I’m looking for something, I don’t get in early, I guess I got lucky this time because it’s still in the early stages. However, it already met its goal within just hours of opening and it’s already at almost 200% of the original goal, which means I’m not the only one thinking this is awesome!

I think this is great for both young people and adults. Young people when injured may heal faster but injuries can cause problems later down the road because young people have bones and muscles that aren’t fully developed yet. On the other hand, adults heal slower, and can’t risk a sprained ankle or broken wrist because they have to go to work, so they can’t afford the risk to even learn skateboard tricks. Not anymore! So I think these little gadgets are great because now you can learn something cool and fun with much less risk of injury!

Check it out on Indiegogo!

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