The U.S. Military Wastes $8 Billion Tax Dollars Building a Single Nuclear Warhead, Plans To Spend Another $100 Billion More To Make More

The military is at it again, flagrant and outlandish wasting of money paid for by hard working Americans, all of whom had zero say in the matter and most if not all who would never agree to this use of their tax money.

You can see the worker above wincing at the thought of the $8 billion dollars, which includes half of his salary, being spent on this weapon of mass destruction he was hired to install.

Moreover, the U.S. Department of Energy has “plans to spend another $100 billion dollars over the next decade rebuilding its production facilities and refitting nuclear weapons with modernized parts.” (SOURCE)


Sure, it’s great to have a strong and powerful military to defend our country. Sure, it’s great to have fancy equipment to have a leg up over other countries. Sure it’s great to have the power to feel safe.

However, it this the way to do it? Is building weapons of mass destruction worth it when it is at the cost of tens of millions of Americans living in poverty and unable to find a job or even afford rent? Really? There has got to be a better way.

Moreover, what is the point of feeling safe from other countries when 15% of America is living in destitute poverty and unable to feed their children or afford to live in a safe neighborhood? What is the point of feeling safe from other countries when the cost is over 15% of America not feeling safe in their own cities and communities?


Instead of spending $8 billion dollars on a little piece of nuclear equipment you will never use, you could have given the $8 billion dollars and brought several million Americans out of destitute poverty this year by giving almost a million families $10,000 this year. $8B / $10k = 800,000 families out of poverty this year.

Of course, just giving away the $8 billion is only a short term solution; a better use would be 800,000 new jobs, or job training for many millions, or even 800,000 tuition scholarships of $10k to those working hard to finish college but can’t afford it.


However, the exact use is besides the point; the point is there are far better uses to actually help people instead of spending it to create weapons of mass destruction that will KILL the same amount of people it could have helped, as well as cause great harm physically and economically to millions more, if it were ever used.

And if it were never used, which hopefully it isn’t ever, then it is absolutely a complete and total waste of money.

So, the choices:
a) use it for good for millions of people,
b) use it to murder millions of people and harm millions more, or
c) throw it in the garbage can and then put all the bags of money into a blendtec blender by building something that will never be used.

What’s the better choice? Hmm, I wonder. Tough decision there…


And we wonder why Americans are suffering? These kind of completely horrible expenditures are the reason why so many Americans are suffering.

Sure, I am all for a strong military to defend our country. However, flagrant squanderings of our money like this are a complete and total waste of money being stolen off the backs of hard working Americans, not even to mention the fact that the money used to pay for it were literally stolen (~50%+ cumulative tax rate) from hard-working, tax-paying American citizens.

What do you think? Do you think this money was used well or do you agree that this is a total waste of money that could be better used elsewhere? Share your thoughts and opinions below.

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