Apple Gets Patent Approved That Allows For Easier GPS Directions For Users

Directions are about to get a little easier thanks to patent filed by Apple In 2013. The patent, which is entitled “Humanized Navigation instructions for mapping applications”, was approved this week and will allow for more user friendly directions while traveling.

For example. Instead of hearing the usual, “take a left in approximately 400 feet”, the user will hear something along the lines of, “turn left at the upcoming store”. The use of landmarks will make the navigation easier for drivers, who have a hard time knowing exactly where and at what time they should turn. The system will also include things like Latitude, Longitude, Altitude and even things like floor plans to help guide you when you’re off the road as well.

If these amazing features aren’t enough to convince you that this will make navigation easier for everyone, listen to the patent itself, which says, “if the user is currently in a mall parking lot, the user can be instructed to find an exit relative to a landmark and then be provided with turn-by-turn guidance.” For example, “exit the parking lot near the restaurant and then turn right towards Golden Ave.” Another example instruction could be, “head north towards the movie theater.”

Not only does this new navigation system help you out with directions, it even has historic and up to date traffic data that will tell you when to merge in anticipation of your exit. The system will even tell you if your exit ramp is backed up and will let you know how much extra time and fuel it will take if you want to try a different route. Now that is smart computer!

Once you get closer to your destination the directions will be more and more descriptive with your directions. For example, if you pull into a parking lot, the device will instruct you that your destination is right by the yellow painted building, six stores to the left from the restaurant. Seriously? How can anyone ever get lost again with directions like these at their disposal?

What do you think of humanized traffic navigation? Do you think a GPS system like this will help you in your every day travels? Would you find it creepy if a computer was able to describe these directions to you like a friend would?

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