Intelligent Electricity, Could It Be Possible? | An Insane Original Theory That Stretches Your Imagination

This is totally my theory, and could it theoretically be possible? To understand if it could theoretically be possible, first you need to imagine what intelligent electricity would look like. Not as in what it would physically look like, but how it would function in all practicality.

So, What Is Intelligent Electricity Exactly?

Intelligent electricity as I conceive it would be able to do scary things. Not scary as in making you jump (not out of fear anyway, I’ll get to that later), but scary as in no one will ever be safe again. So what is this “intelligent electricity” that I have conceived? It’s difficult to explain, so let’s use the idea of nanobots to help you grasp this theory.

Nanobots are micro robots, some so small they are the size of a virus and can interact with viruses. That is an ironic metaphor, since the intelligent electricity I am conceiving of could in fact give a whole new definition to computer viruses. In fact, intelligent electricity could be a virus that could not only infect computers but also humans, animals, and even your individual cells in your body.


Theoretical rendering of nanobots repairing human DNA.

It is an insane theory, I know, but what exactly is this intelligent electricity? Is it just tiny nanobots? And what does it do exactly? Ok, so here is the gist of it. Intelligent electricity is not exactly nanobots but is kind of like nanobots except that it is made up of pure malleable intelligent energy. It will function like electricity, and will have the capacity to flow along electricity lines just like electricity does. Not just electricity as in power to your devices, but also energy that is the same kind of energy that sends data along an ethernet cable.

So now you know how it moves, it moves just like energy. It looks like energy and can follow the paths through wires like electricity and data communication can. However, intelligent electricity is not just energy or data. It is intelligent.

What Can Intelligent Electricity Do?

So say for example right now you have wifi turned off on your computer and you only had it plugged in via an ethernet cable. If you unplug that ethernet cable, then no more internet. Now say your computer was hijacked by an attacker and you pulled the ethernet plug when wifi was turned off. Now, you have blocked that attacker from accessing your computer.

But what if there was intelligent electricity that could jump out of the ethernet cable, “walk” across (or through) the table, and jump into your computer ethernet port? Now the attacker can continue to attack your computer pseudo-wirelessly using intelligent electricity to travel over or through anything to get to its destination.

It can walk over non-conducting materials like a wooden desk, or travel through conducting materials like a chair leg. It can hide in any material for an indefinite period of time, just waiting for the time to strike.


Illustration of intelligent electricity laying dormant on or inside the table waiting for the right moment. In real life it would be invisible as pure energy.

Now that is a scary thought! How do you stop it? You can’t squash it like a bug! You can’t electrocute it! How do you stop it? You have no choice now but to pull the plug on your computer. But then the intelligent electricity also can conduct electricity since it also functions like electricity.

So you pull the plug it will walk across the floor and jump into the power port and give the computer power! Then it will power on the computer, and take control as a computer virus. You have no choice but to shove the hard drive in the microwave and destroy it, because intelligent electricity can even provide power to and communicate with a pulled hard drive.

Additionally, since intelligent electricity is also energy, it could be used to assassinate people by the CIA for example. It could travel discretely though any conductive source for any distance, seek out a target and electrocute them. Alternatively it could be used as a new form of torture by selectively electrocuting the target to extract information.


Unlike my artist’s rendering of an assassination by intelligent electricity, in real life it would be entirely invisible to the target.

Moreover, since it is pure energy, this intelligent electricity could even physically extract data from the human brain. Perhaps there would be no need for interrogation, because it could just enter the human body, head up to the brain, and read your mind – literally! Sure, this is the stuff of science fiction, but no one has ever thought of this before. I’m sure at some point someone will use my idea in a science fiction novel. But this is a scary thought!

This puts a whole new take on George Orwell’s 1984. Now no one is safe, their mind can be read. Even your own thoughts are no longer safe. There is no escaping it. Once intelligent electricity finds you, you can’t outrun it (unless you can run at light speed, the speed of energy) and you can’t swat it away. Perhaps the only way to escape it is to live in a faraday cage. Assuming the Intelligent Electricity won’t just walk right in.

The Futuristic Near-Magical Benefits Of Intelligent Electricity

But intelligent electricity is not just a scary idea, it also has massive potential uses. It could store data in anything. Since it can actually contain data, and because it is so small, the size of electrons, the potential for data storage is practically limitless. A single MicroSD chip could contain the entire internet worth of storage with its insane level of storage density, because it could take up near 100% of usable space all the way down to the atomic level. This is lightyears away from our current data capacity. No pun intended.


Entire internet stored on a MicroSD card (or something of a similar size).

And think about, if not abused, the medical uses? Intelligent electricity could make real-life healing devices from the movies where you point and it heals a wound. It could give a human super strength by artificially enhancing the contraction of muscles. Disease would be a thing of the past since intelligent electricity could destroy any foreign invaders on a molecular level. It could repair severed limbs, stimulate stem cells to regenerate new tissue or even new organs, the possibilities are limitless.

It could work in hand with the human brain to multiply human intelligence exponentially by interacting with human neurons. It could result in human intelligence where every human on earth has the entire internet right in their brain in the form of intelligent electricity. No surgery needed. That takes Johnny Mnemonic to a whole new level.

It could make animals intelligent enough to use as machines or even cause animals (or people) to move however it wants by directly simulating the brain to create movement. Animals (or people) could be literally controlled like robots. Although this is scary to think if used on humans, it could mean using animals that could be completely controlled like robots.


The brain is a collection of electrical signals that could be manuipulated, enhanced, or expanded with intelligent electricity.

Intelligent electricity can also make animals super-intelligent to perform tasks that even robots cannot presently perform, with maximum speed and efficiency since intelligent electricity could also give them super strength, without the need for artificial generation of anything except pure data and energy. No robotics or machines would be needed, since biological animals are far more complex and with far better self-repair mechanisms than humans could ever devise from scratch in a robot. The potential uses of intelligent electricity is practically limitless.

But That’s Impossible – How Will Intelligent Electricity Work?

It’s a scary thought to consider that this intelligent electricity could exist. However in other ways such as the potential for information storage and medical uses, intelligent electricity would be a dream. But could it be possible? Perhaps, perhaps not. Nothing is really impossible.

Consider that presently scientists are already working on storing information in a single photon. No I am not talking about LiFi – which does not store energy in individual photons but instead transmits data through micropulses of light. Instead, I am referring to the actual storage of data into a single photon which is currently being researched. This means that we’re getting very far advanced in data storage.


Technical illustration of real-life photon data storage research.

That is half of the battle, getting to store information at the atomic scale. It isn’t too far off to consider the plausibility of storing energy in individual electrons. But what about the other half, the “intelligent” part of it? Presently we are able to create nanobots at the scale of a virus. Granted, a virus is still very huge compared to an electron, but still, a virus is too small to see without a microscope. It could even be possible to create self-replicating nanobots.

Therefore it is not completely implausible that nanobots at the atomic level could somehow be plausible. Of course, we are a long way off from this, and it almost certainly won’t be seen our lifetime. It would also be far more difficult to create nanotechnology that could give artificial intelligence to pure energy or some deviation of it. However, I wouldn’t say it is impossible.

But what about the other aspects of this intelligent electricity? Could it really get out of the cord and walk around? Could it run and hide, or even jump into your body and read your mind? It is certainly within the realm of plausibility. However, I do consider that this will probably not happen anytime soon, and it is safe to say that it is not anything you will need to worry about in this lifetime.

We still have a long ways to go with molecular data storage, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology before intelligent electricity could ever even be in the realm of plausibility. Still, it isn’t impossible. Sweet dreams!

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