Twitch Hits New Landmark With 100 Million Viewers Per Month, 16 Billion Minutes Watched

Twitch recently launched a new website to show their impressive milestones for 2014. Among these milestones is an average of 100 million unique viewers per month, and 16 billion minutes watched per month. That adds up to 192 Billion minutes watched per year.

What is 192 Billion minutes?
If 192 Billion minutes in 2014 was spent:

Learning a new language:
The entire population of Maine or Delaware could become fluent in 3 additional languages (assuming 890 hours to achieve C2 fluency), or 1/3 of Sweden could become fluent in a new language.
Running a marathon:
1 billion people could have run a marathon with an average time of 3 to 3.5 hours. Imagine how much health care could decrease if 1 billion people ran a marathon last year. That’s like the entire population of China, or India, or more than the entire population of both North America and South America combined. Imagine every man, woman, and child in all of North and South America all running a full marathon this year. That’s how many minutes were watched on Twitch last year.
Exercising 30 minutes a day at least 4 days a week:
Virtually every man, woman and child living in California could have exercised at least 4 days a week for at least 30 minutes every single week of 2014. That’s 30 million people who would be in the best shape of their lives. Instead that time was spent sitting down watching Twitch.
Spending 2 hours per day 365 days a year studying Aerospace Engineering:
Every single person in America over age 18 could have studied Aerospace Engineering 2 hours a day every day of the year in 2014.

Another word for an Aerospace Engineer is “Rocket Scientist”. That’s right, every single person in America could be a rocket scientist if they had studied Aerospace Engineering instead of watching Twitch.

Could you imagine almost 300 million Rocket Scientists in America?! Could you imagine the global progress we could generate with 300 million rocket scientists?!
Not to minimize this impressive achievement, however. These stats only further emphasize that the internet industry is definitely falling in love with video. It’s quite impressive stats – although I’d hate to be the one receiving that internet bill for 192 billion minutes of video streaming!

Check out the Twitch website where you can view the Twitch stats for 2014:

To celebrate this monumental achievement, Twitch recently released 500 free-to-use EDM (electronic dance music) songs that can be used by all Twitch members without any worries about copyright infringement.

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