Rainbow Six Siege (2015) | Excellent Gameplay Under One Mode But Fails To Impress, Limited Content, No Respawn, No Team Deathmatch

Rainbow 6 Siege is the long-awaited successor to Rainbow Six Vegas 2. I enjoyed playing it, for a couple days, but got quickly bored due to lack of content, lack of game modes, and lack of excitement.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was perhaps my favorite first-person shooter game of all time. I continued playing the game on PS3 until no one was playing anymore, and then I bought the game for PC so I could continue playing until nobody was playing on PC either. I have been waiting for a successor, especially with better graphics and new maps on the PS4, and was really excited when I heard about a new Rainbow Six game on PS4. However, when I actually played Rainbow Six Siege (on PS4), I was very disappointed.

That did not stop me from playing for a couple days, but I quickly got bored as the same, slow, repetitive maps kept repeating over and over, with no options for something new.

The primary thing missing from this game, as a First-Person Shooter game, is a team deathmatch mode. It is not only missing a team deathmatch mode, but it is also missing a capture the flag mode, free-for-all deathmatch mode, and all the other standard game modes.

rainbow six siege 1

After doing some research I learned why the developers did not put in these game modes, which is because they wanted to force people to play only using stealth and teamwork. However, it was an extreme failure on their part to understand the mind of the gamer. The problem is that the developers wanted to force people to play the game how the developers wanted it played, even though most people don’t want to play that way (and the rest don’t want to play that way all the time).

The maps were beautiful, although it was not really much different than PS3 graphics. However, with only one game mode, the limitations were frustrating. There were also not many maps. There was limited content to be had, limited addons, limited weapons, limited upgrades, limited characters, no ability to upgrade armor like Rainbow Six Vegas 2 allowed, nothing. Extremely limited game. Then there are the Rainbow Six coins (R6), which is an in-game purchasing where you can purchase upgrades with real money. This addon to the game is just annoying. Not to mention there is nothing worth upgrading even if you did spend real money, which you absolutely should not.

I found that after an hour I was getting very bored. The gameplay way slow, but not only that, my greatest annoyance with the game was that there is absolutely no respawn. This means that if you get killed in the first minute, then you have to literally wait about 5 to 8 minutes to actually continue playing. You just have to sit there for almost 10 minutes watching everyone else play, then for the game to slowly load, and all the title screens, and then waiting for a new match. For every one minute of gameplay, there is an average of 5 to 8 minutes of not being able to play (depending on how good you are).

The developers said the reason was because they wanted people to be able to assist their teammates by watching the cameras, etc. The problem is, I do not WANT to sit there doing nothing just watching cameras and watching my teammates have fun! I want to freaking respawn and continue shooting! As a result, I got a very bad taste in my mouth from the forced no-respawn.

rainbow six siege 2

This game is definitely not worth $60 – it is more like an expansion pack that is supposed to be a whole game but it’s just a single game mode. Sure, there is a Terrorist mode too, but even the terrorist mode does not measure up to RSV2. The thing I found, is that even on normal, the terrorists are just too smart. It is near impossible to win, even with teamwork. This made it just not fun.

What the developers missed was that the full game of Rainbow Six Siege should have really just been an alternate, new and exciting game mode – not the entire game. I understand if the developers are stealth fanboys who want people to play a game of stealth and teamwork the way they, the developers, intend. However, the problem is that the developers failed to see past their own arrogance and understand that the entire world does not think like stealth fanboys, and people do not want to be forced to play the only way that the developers think is the “right” way.

Most of the people nowadays playing FPS just want to play a quick game of shooting and run and gun excitement, they don’t want to have to play an intense game of concentration and discipline, because they already spent the whole day at work working hard. People want to come home, turn on some FPS for an hour (or 3) and have some fun shooting. This downright failure of the developers to see past their own limited fanboy mindset will ultimately be the demise of this game.

It’s not that stealth doesn’t have its own benefits. I enjoy stealth – for a limited time. Then I want to just go into a team deathmatch or capture the flag for some excitement. I don’t want to be forced to play the only game mode the developers “felt was worthy” of playing.

rainbow six siege 3

It would have been great for Rainbow Six Siege to exist, as an optional game mode that users can play if they want. If tons of people played it, it would mean a lot of people wanted to play it. However, as a developer you can’t just release whatever you personally feel like people should be doing, and then expect to be successful on a mass scale. The reason why few people play with any real strategy is because people do not want to!

Making an entire game that doesn’t allow people to play how they want to play is just a massive waste of millions of dollars in development, and damaging to the Ubisoft brand. I doubt the developers who were responsible for intentionally limiting this game because they personally believe that’s how it “should be” played, would ever be asked to return for the next sequel – that is, if this game does not destroy the Rainbow Six brand altogether when it ultimately flops.

It’s not that this one game mode (which is the entire game) is not at all fun. It is, kind of fun, especially if you are really, really good and don’t die much (which is very few people). However, the issue from a mass sales standpoint is that this single game mode is a very, very niche market. Few people can stay long and enjoy it, and even fewer people are good enough to stay alive long enough to have any fun. As a result, I do not believe this game will go very far – at least, not without an extreme marketing strategy to place the game into the hands of millions of people who don’t actually want it.

Ultimately, Rainbow Six Siege really missed the boat – there is such opportunity for an amazing game. The maps would be absolutely awesome for some good rounds of team deathmatch or capture the flag or any of the other game modes that were in Rainbow Six Vegas 2. They really missed the boat with this one, and I will not be buying this game. It’s not even because of the price, it’s just I didn’t have enough fun playing it and I really don’t want to play it anymore. I don’t think it’s worth buying, and really I wouldn’t even play it at a friend’s house.

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4 thoughts on “Rainbow Six Siege (2015) | Excellent Gameplay Under One Mode But Fails To Impress, Limited Content, No Respawn, No Team Deathmatch

  1. Possibly the best game of the year. Go play black ops if you want to respawn. The skilled players all stick with a real game.

  2. Wish I would have did my research before I brought  it this game is horrible And I can’t get my money back so don’t waste yours


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