Top Ten Things WWE 2K15 Needs To Improve To Become Excellent

Despite WWE 2K15 offering a variety of great game modes, new characters, a creation suite and a more immersive WWE Universe Mode, there are still a lot of things the popular pro wrestling video games series can do to make WWE 2K just that much better. Below are ten things that 2K should fix before releasing WWE 2K16 this fall.


Match variety

I love how the WWE 2K15 organizes the matches in different categories, but I still wish there was more of a selection to choose from. Yes, matches like Elimination Chamber, Steel Cage and Extreme Rules are all there, but I really miss matches like the Championship scramble, Tag Team Elimination Chamber and the casket match. The casket match is available in Showcase mode, but I would still really enjoy playing it during exhibition mode. 2K should really dig into the history of WWE’s gimmick matches and try to offer a match variety that is better than ever. I would specifically love to see a bull rope match be included in the line up.


Career mode

WWE 2K15 finally gave us a career mode and it wasn’t half bad. You start out at a NXT tryout and try to work your way up to the main roster of the WWE. throughout your career you are entered into different types of feuds with a variety of WWE superstars. Many of which will leave fans speechless, as they battle their favorite WWE superstars with their own created character. My only issue with the career mode is that the feuds are too far and few between. I wish they would have given gamers longer storylines, instead of just dropping us in dark and tune up matches all the time. It really took away from the experience for me.


Cage matches

I’m not a huge fan of video game cage matches. The best way to describe my experience with the match type, is that the match is broken entirely. No matter how many times you lay your opponent out with your finisher, he will get back up and chase you down before you can escape the cage. This leads to matches taking up to an hour, before your opponent finally lays you flat on your back and goes over the top of the cage himself. Leaving you angry and ready to put down the game for a while. I would suggest 2K experiment with a different match mechanic, that makes getting out of the cage a little easier for less experienced players. I love the look of the steel cage in WWE 2K15. It looks sleek and destructive. They just need a new mechanic to maximize the fun!


Kick out system

I think a meter prompt to help players kick out of a pin fall is a great addition to the game, but the meter could be just a little bit bigger. That way gamers can actually see when the prompt appears on their screen and can kick out accordingly. The arrow in the meter could be a little bit slower as well, allowing gamers to actually have a little bit more time to kick out at the appropriate time. If they can’t make it bigger, maybe they should try a different mechanic entirely.


Submission system

When you clamp on a submission move, you are then greeted with a circle you will need to fill with red. If you are able to do this, the opponent taps out and you win the match. If you lose momentum, the red will disappear from the circular meter and the hold will be broken. The problem with this mechanic is the same as the cage match, you have to press the given button rapidly to be able to fill the meter. Something I have not been able to do since picking up the game in October of this last year. Which is a really a shame, because I miss being able to clamp on the No Lock with Daniel Bryan and make my opponent tap out in record time. I think the mechanic needs fine tuning or redone completely. It just kind of leaves a huge hole in gameplay for me.



I wish WWE 2K15 had a bigger roster to play with. The game is missing legends like, JBL, the Hardy Boys, Trish Stratus, Edge, Eddie Guerrero and Christian, but does include the Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kevin Nash, Sting and Ultimate Warrior on the roster. Sadly, this was the most lackluster roster in recent memory for a wrestling game, and I’m really hoping that it is corrected by time the next edition hits stores. I really would like to play as Eddie Guerrero again if possible.


Getting A Weapon

While the wheel of weapons might work for some gamers during a match. I find it extremely difficult to know how to select an item using the circle menu and by time I do figure it out, my opponent is already up and breathing down my neck. I think weapons should just be randomized each time you look under the ring. That way, gamers don’t have to waste time picking a weapon, and can spend more time getting back to the action of the match. It really doesn’t matter what weapon you get anyway. They all have very exciting capabilities.


Not enough cut scenes and voice acting

One thing that always made me love the NBA 2K series is the cut scenes. With that being said, I was very excited when 2K decided to take on the WWE gaming franchise a few years ago. Unfortunately, they have had some issues integrating cut scenes into the gameplay. I really wish they would have different cut scenes before and after matches, so gamers could be further immersed into the experience that is WWE. They would definitely help tell the storylines a lot better and add a little bit more life to the game as well. Voice acting would have helped this game as well. Hopefully they can correct this is future editions of the game, and make it as good as the PlayStation versions were back in the early 2000s.



This has been a problem with WWE wrestling games for a while now. When you first play the game the announcers sound new, fresh and exciting, but after hearing that soft foods will be on my diet for the foreseeable future about six straight times, it just becomes a monotonous mess of catch phrases and calling the match. The WWE 2K really needs to take a page for WWE’s current commentary and try to build something that would sound closer to that. I would love to hear actual conversations take place during a match, even if some of them have nothing to do with the current match at hand. I would love to see 2K improve this experience and made it feel like I was watching an episode of Monday Night Raw.


Showcase Mode

Besides Career mode, Showcase mode was one of WWE 2K15’s major selling points. The mode allows users to relieve the feuds of Triple H and Shawn Michaels or John Cena and CM Punk. Both storylines are sure to bring back some great memories for wrestling fans and are ultimately fun to play, but shouldn’t they have made other feuds available as well I guess Career Mode makes up for this, but it still would have been cool if they added a few feuds from the Attitude Era as well.

What do you think of WWE 2K15? Do you think they need to vastly improve elements of their gameplay, before WWE16 is released? Is WWE 2K15 unplayable because of its many problems and lack of features? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. think would of been alot better if u could make ur own finisher your own move sets from charaters who not in the game and cant use ur own music as entrance music.


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