Google Removes Ability To Use Old Version of Google Maps, Millions Of Users Join Google Maps Boycott

Besides horrible design and excessive bugs, millions of users hate, even despise the new Google Maps for a variety of reasons, including that fact that the new Google Maps is very slow and it just doesn’t seem to work right. You can’t find what you need and it can’t find many places because search just doesn’t work right. Until today, Google allowed users to use the old Google Maps by appending &output=classic to the end of the google maps url. Personally, it’s the only way I continued to use it, because I was able to switch back to the old version.

Today, however, Google deleted the old google maps and now it redirects to the new version of Google Maps. So I have joined millions of users in boycotting Google Maps entirely and using Bing Maps in revenge. Even on my phone I will no longer use any version of Google maps but instead use CoPilot Live and Bing Maps as part of my boycott, even though this update only affected the desktop version.

google maps slow

Check out geoawesomeness to see 4 things we hate about the new google maps:

Google has to realize what they are doing. If not, they are stupider than I thought. Ever since a year and a half ago, Google started redesigning many of their applications. Among these redesigns are Google Hangouts, which I boycotted and refuse to use. The previous Google Talk was great but I and millions of users have not spent a single day on Hangouts. Hangouts is a completely different application than Google Talk, and by removing all Google Talk they basically deleted the application entirely.

hate new google hangouts

The next major redesign epic fail was with Gmail’s composing new emails design. They created a horrific redesign that utterly destroyed the functionality of Gmail compose, removing basic functionality like the ability to format emails colors, fonts, and formatting using a top bar that let users change the formatting. Millions of users got online to spread the hate and hundreds of thousands of posts were created on the Google Forums expressing their hate for the new Gmail. However, Google just ignored everyone and changed it anyway and deleted the ability to use the old version. The only reason I even use Gmail at all anymore is because a Chrome Extension by Everplex Media called Fix Gmail Compose which reverts it back. However, when that no longer works I will boycott gmail entirely.

hate gmail new compose

Another lesser-known horrific epic travesty Google redesign is the redesign of Google Apps which allows you to connect gmail to a domain-based email like Google epicly failed at the redesign and all Google Apps users hate and despise the horrible to use redesign. On top of that, Google Apps is no longer a free service but a paid-only service, which is terrible because millions of web administrators were relying on it. Personally I still use Google Apps because I have been grandfathered in, but if I ever become un-grandfathered I will boycott Google Apps as well.

Google Chrome keeps changing as well, but fortunately for me I have enough tech knowledge to forcefully block Google from being able to update on my computer, so I have the benefit of being able to use a usable version of Google Chrome from last year. If ever Chrome stops working the way it should then I will not update but I will find the most viable alternative.

I could type all day about all the apps that have been destroyed by google, expressing my anger and hate at Google for destroying all their applications, including Google Search, of which Panda updates have destroyed millions of businesses and put them out of business by their horrible new algorithm, and so many more services; but what’s most likely is they are doing this on purpose to intentionally decrease the users of their free services because now that everyone knows Google they don’t care about users anymore. Google was great when they helped everyone to have accessible free services that were easy to use and feature comprehensive, but they are on a steep downward fall. I’m sure these wretchedly horrific redesigns will continue for all the remaining services and before you know it Google as we once knew it will become obsolete.

It’s probably for the best, however, because Google is the biggest personal data aggregator and is obliterating the privacy of billions of people and businesses around the world. What we need is another company to come along and take the place of what was once the philanthropic Google; except this time with the benefits without the massive violation of privacy that Google so perniciously and deceptively perpetrates on such a massive scale.

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