Spotify and Starbucks Announce New In Store Partnership

The job of a barista at Starbucks just got a little more intense. Not only are barista’s tasked with making coffee, maintaining a positive attitude and keeping things running smoothly at their stores, but now they must also pick the music as well.

Well they don’t have to, but a new deal between Starbucks and the music site, Spotify, will allow  Starbucks employees and even customers to pick the music that will play at their specific location. The deal with give Starbucks reward members a special access to Spotify, allowing them to help influence which songs will make it on The Starbucks in store playlist.

The program will start with over 150,000 United States Starbucks employees this fall and will then be passed on to Starbuck customers as well.  The program involves each employee receiving a Premium Spotify membership as well. While the program is said to give employees and customers the ability to influence what plays on the in store music system, not details have been given on exactly how that will work yet.

While this may be a neat little idea for those that frequent the coffee giant, I find myself wondering why this deal needs to be made at all? What happened to the days where you could go to a restaurant like, Johnny Rocket’s or your local ice cream bar and  turn the old juke box onto some Muddy Waters or Elvis Pressley?

This deal is just the latest from the online music streaming service. Spotify has a deal with Uber, allowing their riders to pick songs from the backseat of the car.  They also have a deals  with  BMW and Mini cars to stream their music service as well.  Next thing you know, Spotify will have a deal with Airliners to offer passengers the ability to DJ from their plane seats as well!

What do you think of Spotify’s new deal with Starbucks? Will this make you want to get a Starbucks rewards care? Do you honestly even notice when music is playing while at Starbucks? Let us know in the comments below!



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