Can I Register To Vote Online For The November 8th Presidential Election? | Chart Shows 50 States And How You Can Register To Vote

The Presidential Election is coming up fast, it is now only away on November 8th, 2016. However, in order to participate, you need to be registered to vote. With the advent of the internet, many states now allow you to register to vote online. In fact, 33 states allow you to register online, while 16 states require you to register by mail. Just one state requires you to... read more

The U.S. Military Wastes $8 Billion Tax Dollars Building a Single Nuclear Warhead, Plans To Spend Another $100 Billion More To Make More

The military is at it again, flagrant and outlandish wasting of money paid for by hard working Americans, all of whom had zero say in the matter and most if not all who would never agree to this use of their tax money. You can see the worker above wincing at the thought of the $8 billion dollars, which includes half of his salary, being spent on this weapon of mass... read more