Full House 80’s TV Series Remake “Fuller House” Coming To Netflix In 2016

Have mercy! That has to be what fans of the original 80's sitcom Full House had to be thinking when Netflix announced they would be releasing a spin-off series named Fuller House. The spin-off will star many of the actors from the original series, including Cameron Candace, Jodie Sweetin, Andrea Barber and John Stamos. Guest appearances are apparently being discussed... read more

Marvel’s Daredevil Is An Original, Refreshingly Epic, Action-Packed And Clever New Twist On A Classic Superhero

Ever since Ben Affleck destroyed the role of Daredevil in the 2003 movie from his earlier, less experienced acting years, there has yet to be a good retelling of the story - until now. Perhaps the truly awfulness of the movie was what inspired the writers of the new 2015 TV series to be so awesome. This new series is not just good - it is awesome. I'll admit, I was... read more

Massive Marvel Daredevil Leak: Entire First Season Of Daredevil Leaked and Available Online and on Netflix

First Game of Thrones was leaked, now Daredevil! Shockingly, the entire first season of Daredevil has surfaced across various torrent and filesharing websites. Daredevil aired on April 10th, just days ago; yet as of a few days ago the entire first season of this highly anticipated show is now available online through downloading. It's possible that perhaps the real... read more

Major Game Of Thrones Leak Caused First 4 Episodes of Season 5 To Become Available Early Online

In a shocking twist of fate, the first four episodes of the fifth season of the hit TV show Game Of Thrones on HBO have leaked online and have been popping up in various torrent and filesharing sites. An anonymous source told us that a disgruntled Scientologist who works for the company responsible for distributing the show has leaked the files. This could be just... read more

Powers, a New Show Exclusively On Playstation Network, Is Bloody Awesome

Powers is a new show, but not so new to those who remember Heroes. Powers is essentially the same type of show as the 2006 TV show Heroes, although it generally has a different feel. This is because Powers is not a rip-off of Heroes but is actually a TV adaptation of the comic series, "Powers". It is bloody awesome, and for a first show for Playstation, they did a truly... read more