Spotlight (2015) Movie Review | This Incredible True Story is an Incredible Movie

Spotlight is one of those films that manages to get everything right. From its cast to the noble story it tells, the film is more than one of the best of 2015 – it’s one of the best of it’s kind.

Spotlight follows the Spotlight team for the Boston Globe, who perform deep investigations for various scandals. In particular, the film focuses on the Spotlight team uncovering the scandal of the Catholic Church, covering up priests who had molested children. It gets more and more convoluted, and reveals more and more things the Catholic Church did in an attempt to cover up the scandal; as well as making an attempt to be sure no one could prove anything.

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The actors all do a phenomenal job at portraying their real life counterparts; they even look a bit similar to their real-life characters. The real Walter Robinson (the character Micheal Keaton portrays) stated that Keaton had got him down perfectly, and seemed just like him. Mark Ruffalo would ask Michael Rezendes (the character he plays) to read his lines, and the real Rezendes said it was like “looking into a funhouse mirror.” Many of the actors met with their real life counterparts to ensure they did the roles justice. A god majority of the real-life counterparts have praised the film for it’s accuracy.

Spotlight doesn’t try to do anything to make anyone seem superior or more important than the others. All the characters are level, and all of them seem real. Perhaps it’s because of the level of influence of the real Spotlight team; but personally I believe the actors are what manage to make the film feel so real. No one tries to outshine any of the other characters or steal the spotlight from the others. Each one feels as important as the last, which is also true to real life.

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The victims the Spotlight team interviews really drive the point home about the pain the victims deal with. Especially the one Sacha Pfeiffer (Rachel McAdams) interviews early on in the film. As expected, most of them break down when the painful emotions are brought back up; and this shows how badly the unfortunate events had affected him.

Credit is deserved where credit is due, and Spotlight deserves a lot of it. Many involved with the real life Spotlight team have praised it for getting the events in the film, the accuracy, and the characters right. The Vatican Radio had even praised it, saying it helped the Catholic Church to “to accept fully the sin, to admit it publicly, and to pay all the consequences.” The real Sacha Pfeiffer stated she was nervous when the film was first brought about, but after seeing the script praised it for its accuracy to the actual story.

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When a film like Spotlight comes along it’s very much a hit or miss. It can be on one end of the spectrum, where facts are just assumed; it can be changed to make it more sugar-coated; or it can show how everything was without any kind of alteration. Spotlight has the pleasure of being putting in on the latter end of the spectrum.

Spotlight manages to bring together one of the greatest ensemble casts we’ve seen in a while. It picked up 6 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture which it won at the Critics’ Choice Award. Spotlight is a film well worth your time, and is up there as one of the best bio-pics of all time.

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