Top Ten Perfectly Ethical Reasons To Download Pirated Movies, Software, And More | Ethical File Sharing and Not Illegal Downloading

Unless you have been living under a rock the last 15 years, you certainly have heard about free downloading. Hey, maybe you were a hermit, or you vowed to cut out the internet for the last decade, or maybe you were in a coma. In any event, we're taking it for granted that you already know what file sharing, torrenting, and "illegal" downloading is. Despite the fact... read more

Character Lineup Leaked For Disney Infinity; Mickey Mouse, Mulan, And Others Said To Be Included

According to retailer Tooboo, Olaf, Mickey Mouse and Mulan will be included in the upcoming line up for Disney's Infinity 3.0. The information was accidentally leaked by the retailer on April 20th, but was then quickly removed from their website. The leak is also starting to lead to speculation about a Star Wars line of figures being released for the video game as... read more

Massive Marvel Daredevil Leak: Entire First Season Of Daredevil Leaked and Available Online and on Netflix

First Game of Thrones was leaked, now Daredevil! Shockingly, the entire first season of Daredevil has surfaced across various torrent and filesharing websites. Daredevil aired on April 10th, just days ago; yet as of a few days ago the entire first season of this highly anticipated show is now available online through downloading. It's possible that perhaps the real... read more

Major Game Of Thrones Leak Caused First 4 Episodes of Season 5 To Become Available Early Online

In a shocking twist of fate, the first four episodes of the fifth season of the hit TV show Game Of Thrones on HBO have leaked online and have been popping up in various torrent and filesharing sites. An anonymous source told us that a disgruntled Scientologist who works for the company responsible for distributing the show has leaked the files. This could be just... read more